High on life

Some days there are lots of those little moments where you feel a rush of energy and joy, it fizzes and bubbles up inside and you feel high on life. Sunday was one of those days.

Little hands helping big hands


Gorgeous gold crochet against a beautiful blue sky

Stopping to admire pretty pink roses (a Lidl bargain)

Fab new pallet door made by Rob (and Bea) for our cupboard-under-the-stairs

Add to that the fact that Bea went off to sleep easy-peasy for the first time in over a week (oh it’s been tricky and stressful) and these were my ‘high on life’ moments from Sunday, little snippets that I made a conscious effort to focus on, stand/sit still and drink in the fizzy feeling, soak up the joyousness. Small, everyday things maybe, but these things keep the soul well-fed, I feel. x x x


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