Too many WIPs


Giant granny square blanket

“Hello my name is Emily and I am a WIPaholic.” (WIP = work in progress, just in case because I had to look it up when I started reading blogs!) I am a serial starter and a terrible finisher when it comes to crafty projects, I have a habit of getting excited about starting something new only for other things to come up and take my fancy part way through.


Beatrix Potter cross-stitch sampler

Things had got a bit out of hand towards the end of last year and I made a vow that 2015 would be the year that I whittled down the WIPs, nothing new until the list had been substantially shortened. At present the list looks like this:

  • Knitted activity cube. Commissioned by a friend over 4 years ago for her friend’s baby (now aged nearly 5!) I don’t even know how it happened but I stopped working on it one day and haven’t don’t anything to it since. It now lurks in a basket under the coffee table and haunts me whenever I catch a glimpse!
  • Beatrix Potter cross-stitch sampler. Started at least 3 years ago, before Bea was even a twinkle, for my future child’s nursery. Oops, hopefully I’ll finish it before she’s 18!
  • Vintage roses tapestry. An eBay buy, intended for our bedroom.
  • Knitted hoody. Started almost a year ago and discarded due to bordedom. Intended for Bea but I can’t remember what size it was so probably won’t fit now even if I do finish it! 
  • Giant granny square blanket. Also intended for our bedroom, double bed sized, just the border to finish. 
  • Stripy crochet bag. Attic24 pattern, using up leftover Rico Creative Cotton from a previous project.
  • Scrappy crochet blanket. Solid granny squares edged and joined in a consistent colour (haven’t decided which yet) to use up scraps too small for anything else.
  • Row-a-day temperature wall hanging. Started off a bit skew-whiff due to turning issues but hoping that it’s nothing a good blocking can’t fix.
  • Crochet farm play mat. Planned for Bea’s birthday at the end of May. The large blocks of brown and green double crochet are taking forever, fingers crossed it’ll be done in time!
Stripy bag

So wish me luck in getting some bits finished, I’ll keep you posted! I’m looking forward to that satisfying feeling of closure and the excitement of moving on to the next thing with each WIP I tick off my list x x x




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