Fun in the sun

Up until Friday we’d been having the most wonderful weather, it felt like summer had arrived; hot, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, blissful.

The weather has to be particularly terrible for us to not venture outside and when it’s lovely we basically move into the garden for the day. Highs of 20 degrees Celsius meant that the paddling pool was brought out of the shed and much fun ensued.


Complete with slide and various toys; watering cans, buckets, plastic tea set and a variety of animals and dinosaurs, Bea spent hours splashing around, pushing things down the slide and making me many ‘cups of tea’ which she sweetly calls “cuptea.”

We enjoyed alfresco snacks. 


When Bea is absorbed in some independent play I take the chance to do a few rows. It doesn’t get much better than crocheting in the sun. Cue warm happy feelings. Bea showed some interest and I told her it was for her birthday, how exciting because since then whenever she sees it she says “more!” Oh ok then, if you insist! 

When all other play has been exhausted, why not put the paddling pool on your head and charge around the garden?! We laughed so much.


We also discovered how much Bea loves a spot of gardening. She loves helping in any way and being able to play with water and soil was right up her street! Oh happy sunny days, I’m missing them now the rain has come back to visit. x x x


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